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statutory documents and policies

Useful Information

As a school, we are required to publish specific information to comply with statutory regulations. This information/policy can be found in the downloads section or by following the hyperlink to the relevant page on our website. Paper copies may be requested via our school office: office@annecy.org.uk

School contact details:

Annecy Catholic Primary School

Sutton Avenue, BN25 4LF


Staff contact for queries: Mrs Baillie - office@annecy.org.uk

Headteacher - Mr Paul Gallagher

Chair of Governors - Mr Rob Carter - chair@annecy.org.uk

Inclusion Manager - Mrs Lauren Johnson

Bosco Catholic Education Trust

St Philip Howard Catholic School

Elm Grove South, Barnham

West Sussex, PO22 0EN

The Complaints Procedure - Please see our Complaints Policy for further details

Informal Stage 1 – Review by Class Teacher - Parent/carer discuss their concerns with child’s class teacher, or if they prefer another member of the School’s teaching staff. 

Informal Stage 2 – Review by Headteacher - the parent/guardian should request an appointment to see the Headteacher. This should be as soon as reasonably practical to avoid any possible worsening of the issue. 


Formal Stage 3 - Complaint heard by Chair of Governors - If the complainant is not satisfied with the response of the headteacher or the complaint is about the headteacher, the complainant should write to the Chair of Governors to request that their complaint is considered further (email chair@annecy.org.uk or office@annecy.org.uk ).  


Formal Stage 4 – Governors’ Panel - The complainant should write to the Clerk to Governors clearly stating their complaint and why they feel the matter has not been resolved. 

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