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Lyfta is a digital platform where teachers and learners can access immersive storyworlds and curriculum-based lesson and assembly plans. Lyfta's theme-based learning experiences are ideal for teaching English, PSHE, Global Citizenship and Art, as well as fostering values and skills such as empathy, self-direction and critical thinking - skills which we think are integral to developing the future leaders of our society.

Lyfta's storyworlds are interactive 360-degree environments that learners can explore. They are real places featuring real people whom learners can get to know and understand through powerful short documentary films, virtual reality experiences, rich media articles and infographics.

The Awra Amba Experience - children take a trip to a fascinating community in Ethiopia that lives according to democratic and egalitarian principles.

Dinnertime 360 - Families from different cultural backgrounds open their homes to dinner guests, share their meal recipes, and tell their inspiring life stories.

Secrets of the Opera - A visually stunning 360-degree experience invites children to discover the backstage spaces and people behind the shows at the Finnish Opera and Ballet. 

Sustainable Develop Goals

What are they? Why are they so important?

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