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At Annecy, we believe it is very important for all children to see someone that looks like them being a success.

This is why we have interwoven inspirational women and inspirational BAME people into our curriculum. From Reception through to Year 6, our children learn about inspirational people in science, maths, literature, the arts, music etc.

We have also started to host assemblies whereby inspirational individuals can share their story and their successes with our children. The children ask questions and gain a better understanding of how different people have followed different paths and have ended up being a success. 

Maaya Modha-Patel - Senior Lecturer at University of Sussex

About Maaya 

I am a practising pharmacist and a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy at the University of Sussex. I have been in practice working for Boots the Chemist for over 10 years, and I was awarded 'Best of the Best Pharmacist' for the Camden area in recognition of the excellent care I provide for my patients.

I am also trained in screenwriting and playwriting, and I enjoy pursuing this area of interest in my free time. Following my MA in creative writing, I wrote, produced, and co-directed a short film called 'Tea & Coffee' which has been accepted by festivals worldwide, including the Women of the Now Festival in Chicago and the European Feedback Festival. In the UK, 'Tea & Coffee' is currently being used by The Alzheimer's Society as part of their training programme for carers, because it showcases a unique British Asian perspective on this condition.

My role as a Senior Lecturer is one which I am passionate about. In this capacity I am responsible for teaching areas of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy to students across the MPharm course. I love supporting students with their learning and providing practical advice combined with my current experiences as a pharmacist. My specialty lies in innovating teaching sessions and incorporating playful learning to support students in making stronger, more memorable connections between taught theory and real-world experiences. I am also trained as a Mental Health First Aider and offer students emotional support where I can.

I am also regularly invited on to BBC Radio London and BBC Asian Network to talk about my experiences as a healthcare professional, a Londoner, and a British Indian woman.

The children loved hearing from Maaya and when faced with the challenge of a busy pharmacy scenario where, "You have somebody waiting to speak to you, somebody on the phone who wants to talk to you, and somebody who has come to collect their prescription" - our Reception class suggested "putting the phone down!"

Thank you for taking the time to present to our children Maaya

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