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Useful Information


Annecy is a welcoming community where everyone belongs.

We believe that ALL can succeed, not some or many.

We aim to provide the best opportunities for all our children.

This page introduces our Inclusion Manager, but every teacher at Annecy is a teacher of SEND.

We start with Quality First teaching to ensure that all children are included and make the progress they should. There are a series of intervention waves (see download) and we work very hard to ensure that each and every child achieves their very best in every way, while they are at Annecy.

The aims of our inclusion team at Annecy are that:

-all children, regardless of their particular needs, are provided with inclusive teaching which will enable them to make the best possible progress in the school and feel that they are a valued member of the wider school community;

-all children with SEND will meet or exceed the high expectations set for them based on their age and starting points;

- we will use our best endeavours to give pupils with SEND the support they need;

- ambitions, educational and wider outcomes, will be set for them, working together with you as parents and your child;

-we want all children to become confident individuals who will be able to make a successful transition onto the next phase of their educational journey and into adulthood.

Appointments to meet with Mrs Johnson, our Inclusion Manger, can be made through the school office or direct by phone (01323894892) or email (office@annecy.org.uk). 

Our Thrive Practitioner Mrs Kapoen is also contactable through the school office.

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