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sports premium


Details on how Annecy spends it Sports Premium Funding and the effect it has on the attainment of the students who attract the funding can be found in the Sports Premium Statement below.

Our school is committed to ensuring every child has access to high quality sport provision. We hope to achieve this through;
  1.  Improving the provision of PE at the school and across the community of Seaford schools
  2.  Ensuring that PE provision is judged as good by internal and external monitoring e.g. OFSTED, School to School Review
  3.  Broadening the sporting opportunities and experiences available to all children
  4.  Improving access to competitive sporting activities both in and out -of -school including competitions with local sports clubs.
  5.  Ensuring children develop a love of sport and physical activity.
  6.  Improving knowledge and understanding of how healthy eating impacts on fitness, wellbeing and mental health
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