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LESS CO2 is a programme that has helped our school to reduce its energy usage and bring down bills.

LESS CO2 has worked by engaging learners and the wider school community to integrate sustainability into our school culture. With workshops on buildings, behaviour change and incorporating clean energy into the curriculum, LESS CO2 reduces energy consumption, lowers bills and educates the next generation on the importance of sustainability.  

The LESS CO2 programme focused on ways to integrate energy and carbon savings, making our school more sustainable through simple behavioural changes and retrofits.

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Eco School

Annecy Catholic Primary School worked with links schools in a geographically close ‘cluster’. Each cluster brought together teachers, bursars and school managers for a year-long energy saving programme that included workshops covering energy saving, from recording meter readings to behaviour change for staff and learners, and incorporating energy-related sustainability issues into our curriculum.

Annecy Catholic Primary School is delighted to be the recipient of the LESS CO2 Ashden School Award. 


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