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Online-safety hub

Useful Information

Welcome to Annecy Catholic Primary School's online safety page, where you can find links to helpful sites that will provide online safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe online.

Opportunities for connecting with others using technology is vast, and growing all the time, parents, carers and other responsible adults can make the environment safe by knowing what, when and how your children are accessing social media.

Click on the links for further information and advice:

Social Media - this includes ASKfm, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Moshi Monsters, Tik Tok, Periscope etc

Tips, advice, guides and resources to help keep your child safe online

For further advice on how to use social media apps responsibly, please check out the documents in our 'Downloads' section

If you have any concerns or are worried about something your child has seen or done online, please come and talk to us.

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