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Why Annecy?

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Why Annecy?

Prospective parents sometimes ask us why non-Catholic families choose to send their children to Annecy. Rather than answer that questions ourselves, we thought it would be good to hear from some of our families:

“Quite simply we loved the school. Calm, positive, friendly and we didn't feel that any of the other schools ticked as many boxes for our child.” – Reception parent

“Because at the root of the teachings is love and kindness. we are not Catholic but I love the fact that they are taught different ideas, and the idea that there is a creator - so they can make their own minds up. it teaches them to question and has created an amazing sense of curiosity about the world, and why we are here.” – Year 3 parent

"It teaches children respect and honesty and non-religious children may have their heads turned like 2 of mine who still pray regularly" - Year 1/Year2 parent

“I would say for the caring nurturing environment, but for us the faith side was equally important, glad you tick all the boxes” - Year 5/Year 6 parent

“I think because any/all kinds of faith teach kindness, love and acceptance. These are very important for our kids.” – Reception parent

“Because the school is good enough that the religious element was an educational element, nothing else. The religion was an element we felt we could manage and de-teach at home... and the kids would potentially get some good values taught. When compared to the other schools in the area, we felt even the religious part didn’t devalue the school with its small class sizes and calm and quiet vibe.” - Year 2/Year 5 parent

“A sense of belonging, family and community was a strong point for us as parents and whether that was grounded in a religious aspect, wasn't an issue. The base learning of morality, empathy and kindness were important to us in terms of learning. If my daughter chooses to believe or not, at the end of her journey with Annecy, is entirely her choice. We were particularly drawn to the compassionate and caring nature of the staff and she very quickly found a sense of belonging, in her class. She's happy and wants to go to school everyday! What more could we ask?” – Reception parent

“Because it’s one aspect of the school, within the religion the values of kindness and equality stand true to non-religious families too. Everything else about the school, teachers, class sizes, the feeling of care and nurturing throughout the school made us change from a non-religious school to Annecy and I’m so glad of our decision.” - Year 1 parent

“Why I would send my child to a Catholic school; would be due to the school’s amazing ethos and family environment. The staff all have a caring approach where the children come first. Offering children the opportunity to appreciate and explore what faith is without pressure or prejudices. It’s a holistic environment which engages and encourages the children’s development of understanding of self, others, environment and culture.” - Year 1 parent

“I think the parents’ answer lies in the question itself...a non-Catholic sending his or her child to a faith school...it’s kind of a decision by default, the easiest of the decisions because they know their child is going at a place/environment of values, faith, responsibilities, ethics, humility & humanity.” – Year 6 parent

“For us it was because Annecy felt inclusive not exclusive. Very much a school that was grounded in family and values.” – Reception and Year 1 parent

“Kindness, Open hearts, Integrity, Humility, and Joy...all felt in the walls of Annecy. Faith can present these to us, but with the right guidance we learn to embody them...and I felt this possibility in Annecy.” - Year 2 parent

“I chose Annecy because of the caring, welcoming environment (which I soon learnt often goes hand in hand with schools of faith) and after looking at 3 other Seaford schools, ours was the only one I got that feeling from. At Annecy, the children are so much more than just a number!” - Year 1/Year 5 parent

“The honesty and values learnt and the ethos and nurturing received from faith schooling is second to none.” - Year 6 parent

“Because Annecy is more than just a Catholic school. It’s about community, teaching good values, ethics and kindness.” – Reception parent

“We are not Catholic but still believe in good values and being part of a small school environment that is very calm compared to the larger schools we visited in Seaford, we felt that the children would be nurtured and learn respect / kindness. All 3 of the children have attended Annecy, the eldest who is now at sixth form enjoyed it and left ready for secondary school not only with a good start in education but with good manners and values. I must say that the school has changed a lot recently with new headteacher and feels much more modern in its approach to religion.” – Year 2/Year 4 parent

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