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At Annecy, we work hard to make sure communication between school and home is effective. We believe that the relationships we help build between home and school help our children to make good progress and achieve their goals.

From time to time, parents contact us with positive feedback about what we are doing at the school and we would like to share these with you:

"I couldn't recommend Annecy enough. With such a crazy time for the children to start school, I was apprehensive about how well our girl would settle. But she has enjoyed every second of it. She goes in happy and leaves happy. Mr Chappell is a fantastic teacher, who has helped our daughter come on leaps and bounds in the short time he has been with them. I am so happy we chose Annecy" - Reception parent

"I cannot tell you how happy I am that my child goes to Annecy.

This school has by far exceeded my expectations. The impressive reputation of the Headteacher, Mr Gallagher, was widely known and I did wonder if he would live up to the hype. I can confirm that he has. Regular communication along with his clear focus to provide the best learning opportunities is evident in all he does.

The reception teaching team are fantastic. My son is a fairly quiet, shy child and the Covid lockdown only exacerbated that. I was worried he would be easily overlooked or wouldn't settle at school. I am happy to say these fears were unfounded. Every morning I have a happy child excited for school. Mr Chappell has built a trusting relationship with my son and I have now fallen to third place behind his teacher and his dad when it comes to my son listening to me! Mrs Gmitruk has also played a large part in helping my son to settle and I know she is a caring point of call if he needs anything.

I was particularly impressed at the teachers’ ability to not only know all the new children by name within the first couple of weeks, but also be able to recognise the people who pick them up - a task made a whole lot more difficult with face masks! And Mr Gallagher will always say hello to my youngest and knows her name too, which I’m sure will make her transition to Annecy in two years time all the more easier.

I have been astounded by the progress in my son's abilities and am often learning new things from him. Mr Chappell provides regular updates on the Class Dojo with useful suggestions as to how we can support their learning at home. You can message him directly and he is quick to respond and always very helpful.

I am sure that anyone who is lucky enough to join the Annecy family will be as happy as I am." - Reception parent

"Since moving to Seaford 6 years ago, and choosing Annecy as the school for our children, it has gone from strength to strength. Achieving outstanding educational results in an ever improving setting. The school is always working hard to be the best, family-friendly environment that it can. We love that it's small, that it encourages our children to learn the best way that suits them, with Forest School, music lessons, swimming lessons and Beach School. I would urge all families from all backgrounds to get to know it. The staff are amazing, and the teachers are so lovely. We feel truly lucky to have Annecy." - Year 2/Year 5 parent

"I was recommended Annecy for my daughter by a few friends and by my Health Visitor, so arranged a tour when they became available. Mr Gallagher was very flexible with viewings, due to work time constraints. On first impression, both of us felt that the school had a lovely atmosphere to it, and my daughter loved it straight away. She was actually very sad she couldn't leave nursery and go to school the next day!.

Annecy's values are something that, as a family, are very important to us and they not only focus on the education, but the wellbeing of the children, so that they thrive to the best of their ability. We felt so confident that Annecy was the correct choice of school for our daughter, that we didn't look at any other schools in the area! We knew she would shine and grow as a young person.

So far, our daughter loves school, and all the staff. Her teacher is exceptional and communicates so well with parents. She looks forward to the headteacher reading to the class on occasions, as reading is one of her favourite things.

The school has been renovated and is bright and conducive to learning and has a warm, friendly atmosphere. It's just the right size, as some schools we feel are too big and can lose that personal touch. Within a day, the headteacher knew all the Reception children's names - that did not go unnoticed!

I would highly recommend Annecy to prospective parents." - Reception parent

"The reason I chose Annecy was because it is such a lovely school, they are a very special community and they really cherish the children that go there. My daughter is in Year 1 now and her progress is amazing, she is thriving in this school, and the teachers make sure that you are involved with their progress too. Even though it is a small school, I have found that the children are more focused and there are more child-led activities. I do have two boys at the school and they seem to love it too!" - Year 1/Year 3/Year 6 parent

"I'm so pleased we chose Annecy for our son. It is a friendly and welcoming environment, the teachers are all lovely. His progress has been amazing since starting in Reception and he is so happy to go to school each day. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this school to other parents." - Reception parent

"My daughter is in Year 5 and my son is in Year 1 at Annecy. I can honestly say that there would never be another school for us! It honestly is the best, from the top down; they've both blossomed and thrived here! Every single member of staff is fantastic and it's so lovely for the children to all be part of the Annecy family, rather than just a number!" - Year 1/Year 5 parent

"Annecy is led by an excellent leader and my daughter enjoys each and every moment spent there. Reception is exceptional and Mr Chappell's team makes a great start for kids starting school. My daughter never stops talking about Mr Chappell and she is so happy to be there." - Reception parent

"Totally and always grateful to Annecy Catholic School. I have three children and all of them have studied and two of them continue to study there, and I cannot feel prouder to belong to that community. My oldest son went through different schools because of bullying, and of course we, as parents, it is something we simply cannot allow (as playing with the emotional and physical stability of a child can have serious consequences). A child spends the greatest amount of time at school and we must make sure that our children are safe and happy where they spend the most time at. Now, my oldest son is already in a great secondary school but I have two other children who are currently going to Annecy and in these times we live in, in which we all feel fear and uncertainty, it is even more important to be sure that our children are safe and being protected. I know it is not an easy time for any of us, but I thank Annecy that my children are both safe and protected, and that they continue to go in and out every day happy at their school.  Thanks to ALL Annecy staff who take care of themselves and our children. The measures they have taken are fantastic. All of this just continues to confirm me that I have and had made the right choice. I do not have words to recommend this wonderful school." - Reception/Year 3 parent

"Our daughter has thrived at Annecy. Even with the strange circumstances caused by the pandemic, she settled quickly into class, going in on her own and feeling confident in the classroom. 

The staff were fantastic at supporting her, ensuring that she got used to the new routine of school. Her teacher has been wonderful at communicating with the class as a whole, keeping us updated, but also on a more personal level, reassuring us as a family and supporting our daughter. She has thrived in the new reception setting, coming home daily to tell us about the new phonics and maths work that she has been doing. 

The classroom is lovely with plenty of space to play, learn and make friends. In a few short months, she has made a good group of friends in her class. It's lovely to see the #AnnecyFamily at work, as she also knows other children in her key stage and joins in with them at playtime. 

We couldn't have asked for more to support our daughter starting school during the hardest of times. She is happy, settled, learning and enjoying everything. Thanks Annecy." - Reception parent

"My children have been at Annecy since Reception and thoroughly enjoy not just going to school each day but being part of the Annecy family. The older children really look after the younger ones which is lovely. In the areas my children struggle in academically, interventions have been put in place to assist them in filling their full potential. Annecy is led by strong leadership and there is always a presence from the leadership team around school. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Annecy for your children, it’s a wonderful place and it continues to give my children an amazing start in their educational journey, as well as fantastic social and life skills." - Year 4 parent

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