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Big Band

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Big Band is an exciting and unique enrichment opportunity, combining high quality instrumental tuition with high quality class music instruction. Children learn to play a brass and woodwind instrument as a band with instrumental specialists teaching them.


The Big Band provides an opportunity for schools and music services as well as class teachers and instrumental tutors to work together to provide a rich musical experience for whole classes of children. It has been carefully designed to fulfil the Government’s Pledge to offer every child the chance to learn an instrument, integrates the aims of the National Singing Programme and incorporates changes to the national curriculum.


The positive benefits for the children, teachers, schools and music services are incalculable and well documented.  


At the end of the year most pupils will have performed in at least three public concerts with success, and produced a portfolio of work which they have compiled during the year. They will also be able to demonstrate a good set-up and some basic playing skills on their instruments, and some skill at reading music notation.

This is one of the enrichment opportunities that we offer to our learners. We want them to be educated, well-rounded citizens who have been introduced to the best that has been thought and said and help them to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

We are delighted to be only the second school in East Sussex to offer this provision to 60 of our pupils!

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Big Band

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