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Catholic Life

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Catholic Life


All Catholic schools are rooted in Christ, who is at the centre of school life.
Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church are integrated into every aspect of learning, teaching and the totality of life at Annecy.

Our classes are named for saints; each class researches their saint, and celebrates their saint's feast day by wearing home clothes and sharing an afternoon treat.

EYFS                 Saint Mary
Year 1                Saint Patrick
Year 2                Saint George
Year 3                Saint Andrew
Year 5                Saint Kateri
Year 6                Saint Theresa 

The whole school celebrates the feast day of Saint Francis de Sales, the patron saint of our school and Saint Don Bosco, the patron saint of the Catholic Education Trust that we belong to.

Throughout the year the whole school community partakes in key services, masses and liturgical prayer in order to journey through the liturgical year with Christ.


Children have the opportunity to be involved in the planning and delivery of prayer and worship each week with their class and there are opportunities throughout the year for families to join their children for these occasions. 

Annecy has links with the Parish of Seaford at St Thomas More Church  and are lucky to be supported by Father Chris, Deacon Colin, Deacon Stephen and Sister Marcelline.


Charity and Fundraising

In common with all Christians worldwide we encourage all in our Annecy community to witness our faith through actively living out our core values in charitable works.

At Harvest time we seek to support those in need in our local community by offering donations to the Seaford food banks. During Advent and Lent we focus our support through CAFOD and Missio and in the summer terms we look to our own diocese.


All are encouraged to participate in any way they can, from prayers to donations, offering as much or as little support to our common cause.

Useful Information
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